Potala Palace, Pearl on the roof of the World

One of the world cultural heritage that have high architectural value is the Potala Palace. What kind of place is like a pearl on the roof of the world?

Potala Palace is the largest multi-storey buildings in Tibet. This place is situated in the red hills, the center of Lhasa, Tibet. That is why the Potala Palace at that time called the Palace of Bukit Merah.

Potala was built on the power Songtsan Gambo, Tibetan dynasty the 7th century AD. From then on the Potala Palace became the center of politics, religion, as well as the Dalai Lama's residence from age to age.

Two centuries later, the palace was destroyed charisma Tibet descended into chaos because of the prolonged war. Istana Bukit Merah was gradually abandoned.

Only in the mid-17th century, the Potala was rebuilt by the 5th Dalai. Renovation of the palace was nicknamed 'Pearl on the roof of the World' is spending over 50 years. Development continued for three hundred years old with various additions and expansion.

13-story Potala, 110 meters high, stone and wood structure. Palace walls made of granite, the most up to five meters thick. The palace has many rooms, and functionality. White palace in the east as the abode of the Dalai Lama.

Another room is often the main hall is called the Red Palace, where the spirits of the Dalai Lama pagoda halls throughout the ages and a variety of Buddhist worship space. Among them, the most beautiful is the spirit of the Dalai Lama pagoda hall Losan Jiacuo V as high as 15 meters.

Essentially rectangular and circular roof. Dalai Lama V's body is stored in it after preserved fragrance materials and other materials. Pagoda is 3724 kilograms of gold plated and encrusted with over 15 thousand diamonds, emeralds, pearls, jade and agate.

Placed on the pedestal pagoda are various tools for prayer ceremonies. West hall is the living spirit of the Dalai Lama pagoda V, is the largest hall in the Red Palace, in which there are 48 large wooden pole twenty feet high.

In the West Hall of the Buddha statues there, as well as animals such as lions and elephants made of wood. In the construction of the Potala in the 17th century and the expansion after that, brought in the best painters in the area of ​​Tibet.

They were asked to make tens of thousands of beautiful frescoes. All the court room, foyer, hallway and porch decorated with frescoes of various themes. Start of the story and characters of history, a story book of Buddhism, there are also reflecting the building, customs, sports and recreation.

In addition, in the Potala Palace are many images stored bobbin, wood and stone carvings, sculptures and other lands as well as Tibetan rugs, ceramics, jade and a large number of traditional crafts from the 17th century.

They were not only have high artistic value, but also reflects the history of cultural contacts and exchanges between the ethnic Tibetan and ethnic Han and other ethnic groups for a thousand years.


Sleep First found place in the World

Human instinct to provide comfort to him it had been going on since several thousand years ago. Although the human race once had life by moving or nomadic, they are still thinking about how comfortable they are at rest - especially during sleep.

Scientists have found preliminary evidence that the bed is made from the stems and leaves are compacted in a rock shelter in South Africa.

There are at least three different layers in the mattress is made ​​as listed on the site Sibudu. The mattress was abandoned by the people who lived about 38,000 and 77,000 years ago.

The scientists also found another place to sleep that contain insecticide chemicals that make them protected from the interference of mosquitoes.

Has previously found the oldest beds are preserved. Consists of fossil stems and leaves are covered by a layer of leaves as thin as paper. But the evidence is newly discovered bed has age 50,000 years older than the discovery of the first bed.

The analysis is then obtained is that the bed the historic period many modifications and periodically burn their beds as a way to eliminate pests.

The mystery of the Magic City Uwentira in Palu

Stories about community keberadaa "genie" Uwentira circulated widely enough among the people of Palu. Hearing the word Uwentira or Wentira, they refer to the story, a story or myth about the existence of communities that are invisible. Few people can see it even being able to communicate with citizens Uwentira that often arise even in the markets in Palu and surrounding areas. Wentira this region by the paranormal in Indonesia, is known as one of the most haunted in all corners of the archipelago
In order to answer the curiosity of many visitors, I wanted to share my story of three friends following. I know because they happen to meet in person.

A. Dase Sulwan story
To Wentira (written Uwentira), so the people of this community called the Hammer. Located disebuah named Wentira region. To call this ancient Toraja people Wae Ntira. According to some friends to tell their experiences when meeting with orang2 To Wentira. He said, we seem to oscillate between the real world and cyberspace, rationality, and the supernatural. Confusion mingled astonishment. Between trust and distrust.

According to those who have been to the "City Wentira", a very modern city, with extraordinary peradabana. All types of vehicles were there (including MRT). Prosperous society and the department is located. The problem is, the entrance to the city. Almost no one else can menjelaskn exactly the location of the driveway. some explained that the entrance degan two-wheeler and a car is through a covered bridge. The bridge is actually a bridge spanning a river. Logically, if we go to the end of one must be able to arrive at the other end. But something strange happened. Kadang2 when a car enters the bridge, the car ill never again be out at the other end. A few days later, let the motorist was told that they had just returned from Wentira City, where everything is there.

Wow ... the problem, in which part of the bridge which became the entrance? For tsb car when entering the bridge, simply disappeared from sight .... When I was asked to be some friends who had been there, said it was very unusual. But who dares to cut no longer there ...

2. LES story Kala'tiku
I remember a strange incident that I heard from my own father. At that time Father had a project in the region where wentira. jalan2 intention on the bridge anyway, but fitting into the mouth of the bridge project by a friend that used car, truck driver friend of mine and lost tiba2 seakan2 swallow the bridge. frankly it does not make sense but the fact occurred. but dear friends sya this office does not want to tell the pack so to be honest I was also intrigued by the story of my friend who said the city was unusually modern. well between reality and fiction ..

3. PS testimony Patandung
To wentira according to Kaili (native tribe in Central Sulawesi) are around the coffee plantation (Jl shaft tawaeli - Toboli) in the way of the shaft there is a bridge that still exist today. It was said, was made in the Netherlands. Beside it was a bridge concrete bridge that is used in the 1980s is said every vehicle through which the light must give the code or at least excuse the horn as a signal coming through.

I have several times passed the Coffee Plantation is touted last two friends. This area is known to be quite heavy, uphill with a sharp slope. Not to mention frequent Longsong. The bridge is still there, and even now there is a monument bearing the yellow UWENTIRA why. Why in Kaili means Village, State or City. Uwentira means invisible. So why UWENTIA means UWENTIRA City.

Chef Australia Breaks Record Set Top Cake Dadar

Andy Wróbel, a chef from Australia managed to carve his name into the book world record after Tuesday (21/02) managed to claim the title for the stack of pancakes (pancakes) in the world.
Wróbel managed to break the previous record which was created in Croatia in 2008 ago after he managed to accumulate 60 pieces of pancakes as high as 76 cm, at the Pancake Parlour, Melbourne.
Although this pancake tower finally collapsed, but it happened after the record was confirmed by officials from Guinness World Records.
The chef has been making pancakes more than 100,000 pieces each year, a popular restaurant in Australia where he has worked for over 25 years.
"In the past year we have to try and reach a height of 61 centimeters, and it's not good enough. When trying again this year, we actually managed to do it. "Said Wróbel.
"To create a world record, we have a lot of practice, and spent about 50 hours, and may have used a quarter of a ton of dough, and finally got to the point where we believe it will succeed and do it." He added.

The phenomenon of Magical Painting Derelict (The Hand Resist Him)

It is said that in this world there is a cursed painting. This news had spread all over the world since the first, the title of his painting 'The Hand Resist Him' (THRH).

THRH or also known as the eBay Haunted Painting is a painting made ​​by Bill Stoneham in 1972 epidemic, in this painting, he depicts a small child standing in front of a glass door with her ​​dolls, many hands in the door that sticks.

According to Bill, the little boy in the painting is himself at the age of 5 years, the door is a gap between real world and the dream world and the doll itself as a guide who escorted the little boy. While the hands are stuck to the door depict the life of another.

This painting started to become 'Urband legend' since in posting to eBay in February 2000. The painting was first exhibited in the Gallery in Los Angeles in the 1970s, THRH finally fell to the actor John Marley, he is best known for his role as Jack Woltz in The Godfather.

After Marley died, the painting continued to change hands in California, until finally met at the auction.

THRH appear on the auction site eBay in February 2000. According to the seller, the painting brought a curse. He said if the characters in the painting moved during the night, and sometimes missing from the picture into the house in the painting.

Whose name is unknown seller also says that the doll character threatened her male characters with the object which he held, this makes the character of the man left the painting. He also said if he was not responsible for what happens next AAMA THRH buyers.

The news spread quickly on the internet, according to people who have seen this painting, they feel uncomfortable and scared after seeing this painting. On eBay alone painting is seen as many as 30 thousand times.

With a starting bid only $ 199, THRH successfully sold $ 1.025. The buyer, a gallery owner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, contacted Bill Stoneham associated with horror at the painting and spooky description on eBay. He said he was surprised by all the strange stories and interpretations of the painting.

Bill also said that if the owner of the gallery which was first exhibited THRH and critics who criticize this painting died less than a year after contact with this painting.

Bill is also a sequel of the painting whose title Resistance at the Threshold, which is also visible mystery.

As animals Accused Spy

Bird Nasar

Saudi Arabia has recently accused the vultures as a spy after he was found carrying a wrist transmitter that is placed at the foot of Israel University scientists. The researchers reasoned that the tagging was used to study migration patterns.


In the 1960s, the CIA reported to have surgery to insert a microphone and transmitter into a cat, a project dubbed "Acoustic Kitty." Former CIA officer Victor Marchetti told The Telegraph about the project. "To dissect a cat, put batteries in him, wired. The tail is used as an antenna, they create an evil .. "The cat's first cable, according to the Guardian, released to spy on and with only a few steps toward the target before the cat was hit by a taxi. and the CIA concluded that the project is not practical to collect data - data intelligence.


Iranian police reportedly arrested 14 squirrels on spying allegations in 2007. According to Mental Floss, foreign intelligence services found that the squirrels have been equipped with equipment to eavesdrop. "Meanwhile, Foreign source told Sky News reported that" the story is ridiculous. "


Iran claims to have found "spy pigeons' near nuclear facilities in 2008. This allegation is not the first of its kind. According to Wired, the carrier pigeon camera might have been there since 1903, when a German engineer to experiment with the idea. Pigeons have played a role in the war was so strong that I, a pigeon Cher Ami, won a medal for saving the lives of U.S. soldiers during World War I. And how to spy pigeons can be disabled? World in World War II, Britain used two peregrine eagle dove to intercept German spy, and some reported success.

Sea lions and Dolphins

The U.S. Navy has recruited sea lions and dolphins to the Marine Mammal Program. It seems the military is not inspired by the irony of recruitment "Navy Seal," but rather these animals for their ability to hear and see under the water with low light. Thus, mammals have been trained to sweep for mines, carrying a camera, and even cuff the suspect under water. Animal Compassionate groups objected to use of these animals in combat. "War is to man as the people and political parties can decide the war is necessary, animals can not," said Dawn Carr of the Society for Ethical Treatment of Animals at the BBC.


Eagles suspected of spying for India after officials found a bird carrying what looks like a high-tech equipment for the surveillance. According to the BBC, India initially suspect it's the eagle eyes of Pakistan, a senior police officer explained, he stated that the birds were only used to assist in hunting expedition. ith other words, the Eagle was spying, but in other birds, not people.


The scientists reported experimenting with insects for surveillance. Telegraph explains that the electrodes, batteries, and video cameras are being installed to the insects. U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working to put the transmitter into the brain with moths and beetles as a cocoon. It is believed that the creature will naturally incorporate implants into their bodies as they develop.


Perhaps ironically dubbed Operation "KFC," is an abbreviation of the Kuwaiti Field Chicken, when U.S. troops plan to use the chicken during the battle, the BBC reported. The plan is the chicken will be used to detect toxic gases, but the 41 animals died of disease in the Gulf within 1 week interval didatangkan.Tampaknya After that Colonel Sanders KFC could still use a name for himself.
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