Amazing Wonders of the World

This is the information about the wonders of the world that may not many of us who know and appreciate the legacy of world history that still tersisah to us today. Wonders of the World is a wonderful legacy that both manmade and natural works so beautifully presented.

1. Banaue Rice Terraces in Filipina

From this picture looks amazing, yes, irrigated ancient 2000 years old. Located in the Philippines Ifugao mountain, the famous Banaue Rice Terraces as. No heroics, but the Philippines was quite satisfied if the Banaue Rice Terraces are placed as "the Eight Wonders of the World".
It is estimated, fields that 'engraved' on the mountain this Ifugo, made ​​with a very traditional equipment by the ancestors of the Philippines. Rice field plots are located at 1,500 meters above sea level and the surrounding mountain slopes as far as 10,360 square kilometers.
Remarkably, the ancestors have set the rice field irrigation in such a way that comes from forests that are above the rice fields. Locals to this day still grow vegetables in the rice starch is also that.
Erosion, is one threat to the existence of this ancient rice fields. Therefore, the government is also very concerned citizens about this, as well as the reconstruction treatment is done continuously, to maintain its sustainability.

2. Sigiriya in Sri Langka

This is the remains of an ancient palace located on top of the rock. Sigiriya or the Lion Rock, so called. Located in the Matale District, Sri Lanka, surrounded by forests, reservoirs, and gardens. Its location is unique, coupled with stunning scenery, making Sigiriya visited by many tourists. Viewed from the air, like Sigiriya ancient paintings are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves in India.
Sigiriya was built in the reign of King Kassapa I masas who ruled from 477-495 AD. This place is one of the seven ancient relics owned by Sri Langka. Allegedly, Sirigiya inhabited since pre-history. Then, in the 5th century BC, this place used as a monastery.

3. Tower of Hercules in Spanyol

Tower of Hercules is a relic of ancient Roman lighthouse located on the peninsula, about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) from the center of Corunna, Galicia, northwest Spain. Corunna name comes from an ancient column. This 55-meter high tower overlooking the North Atlantic coast, Spain. Lighthouse 1900 years old Hercules, Roman relics that are still in service today is said that this tower has reached the age of 1900 years, was rehabilitated in 1791. It is a relic of Roman lighthouse which still functioned.

4. Toru, Ancient Cities in Northern Poland Still Exist

Toru is a city in northern Poland, precisely in the Vistula River. This is an ancient city that has existed since 1100 BC that still exist. This city is the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus (An astronomer, mathematician, and economist. His theory is the famous sun-centered solar system, overturned the traditional geocentric theory that placed Earth at the center of the universe, regarded as one of the most important discoveries of all time, and is the fundamental starting point for modern astronomy and modern science.
This theory raises the scientific revolution) the ancient city of Torun in Poland still existed until now. Allegedly this town there in 1100 BC Toru became the forerunner of the first settlement in the area, thought to have existed since 1100 BC. The city was developed in the Middle Ages, namely the 7th century until the 13th. Then the Teutonic Knights build a fortress around the settlement, between the years of 1230-31. In 1263, Franciscan monks settled in the area following the Dominican in 1239.
The city is growing with the construction of a new town near Toru. Both the city developed into an important trade center in medieval times.
If you look at this portrait, really interesting. This place since then and now much visited. If the first being a city of trade, is now a tourist town full of history past.

5. Ajanta Caves in India

Ajanta caves in Maharashtra, one of many ancient relics that exist in India. The amazing thing in this cave paintings are also numerous Buddha statues of high artistic merit. It is estimated, the monuments that exist in this cave began to be worked in the 2nd century BC. But in the Ajanta caves are then abandoned. During the 1300 years it abandoned cave, on the outside, shrubs grow tall, eventually becoming a forest automatically hide the existence of this cave. No one ever knew that there saved 'world heritage' extraordinary. Until finally in the spring of 1819 a British officer, accidentally enters a steep gorge.
The deeper he went in there, and he was remarkable because he was shocked to find a hidden door in one of the caves. This is the first visit after thousands of years humans. When found the cave was 'home' and kalelawar birds and other animals. Captain Smith then make the first exploration to determine the 'contents' of the mysterious cave. Captain Smith's name is unknown, because the corresponding write his name on the cave wall and the coming year. He wrote, "Captain Smith, April 1819".

6. Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas

Valley of Flowers is located at an altitude valley of the Himalayas. The climbers also botanists describe it incredibly beautiful valley, have been around for more than a century, even in Hindu mythology, the depiction of the existence of this valley has existed since time immemorial. Stretch of soft, interspersed meadows of colorful flowers, very beautiful and looked almost oppressive. Valley of flowers complete with a background of mountains and forests. Valley was declared a national park flowers (Nanda Devi National Park) in 1982. Local people know the existence of the valley flowers, they believe that the place was inhabited by a herd of fairies.

7. Meteora, Stone Building at the summit of Mount Athos, Greece

See these pictures, you definitely amazed. How can a Castile could stand on top of the mountain rock. Imagine how difficult the construction of this castle, when he was already hundreds of years. This is a complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries of the largest and most important in Greece. Exactly, the monasteries were built in stone mountain Athos. There are six monasteries in this complex. Precisely located in the region of Thessaly, near sunagi Pineios, skirting northwestern Greece Tengah.Yang cuku interesting is access to the monastery which is very difficult. That said, the former convent used to achieve the long response or some kind of nets are used for raising and lowering goods, including humans. It takes the power of faith to reach this monastery.

8. Chichen Itza

Is a Mayan archaeological heritage of Mexico's most complete and well preserved. According to the Mayan culture of Chilam Balam, the temple complex was built between the years 502-522 AD. The Maya is only occupied it for 200 years, then they move to coastal areas in Campeche. Itza is the central point of a complex of other buildings such as the Pyramid of Kukulcan, Temple of Chac Mool, and building the Thousand Pillar.

9. Colosseum Italia, Roma

Is a large theater / amphitheater, located in the State Capital of Italy, Rome, whose original name was "Flavian Amphitheater", founded by King Vespasian and completed by his son Titus. Some argue that the Colosseum was built in 79 BC. Origin of the name Colosseum comes from a 130 foot tall statue or 40 m called Colossus. This place is set to accommodate 50,000 spectators.

10. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China or the Great Wall is the longest building ever built by man, is located in the People's Republic of China. Its length is 6400 kilometers (from Sanhai Pass area in the east to Lop Nur in the west) and the height of 8 meters in order to prevent the invasion of the Mongols from the north at that time. The width of the top 5 m, while the width of the bottom 8 m. Every 180-270 m made a kind of tower. High tower is 11-12 m. To create a giant wall, it can take hundreds of years in the age range of the emperor.

11. Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu ("Old Mountain" in Quechua language; often called "the lost Inca City") is a site of pre-Columbian Inca ruins are located in the mountainous region at an altitude of about 2350 m. above sea level. Is above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, about 70 km northwest of Cusco. Is the symbol of the most famous Inca Empire. Built around the year 1450, but abandoned a hundred years later, when the Spaniards conquered Inca Empire.

12. Petra di Yordania

Arkeologikal is a site in Jordan, located in the lowlands between the mountains which form the eastern wing of the Wadi Araba, the large valley originated from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra is a city founded by chiseling stone walls in Jordan. Symbols and protection techniques. The city was founded by multiplying and carving rocks as high as 40 meters. Petra was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. Founded in 9SM-40M by King Aretas IV as we that are difficult to penetrate the enemy and secure from natural disasters such as sandstorms. Nabateans built Petra sisitem irrigation with an incredibly complex. There are water tunnels and water chambers that deliver clean water to the city, thus preventing banjirmedadak. They also have a hydraulic technology to lift water.

13. Taj Mahal di Agra, India

Is a monument located in Agra, India. Built on the desire of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the son of Jahangir, as a mausoleum for Persian wife, Arjumand Banu Begum, also known as Mumtaz-ul-Zamani or Mumtaz Mahal. Development spent 23 years (1630-1653) and is a masterpiece of Mughal architecture. Ustad Ahmad Shah Jahan ordered the making of this building. Ustaz Ahmad workers gather 20,000 people consisting of a mason, the goldsmith, and engraver famous from all over the world. With the tube, domes and towers made ​​of white marble, and beautiful art mozak. A total of 43 kinds of precious stones, namely diamonds inclusion, jed, crystal, topaz, and Patchouli has been used to treat a beautiful Taj Mahal.

14. Giza Pyramid – Nekropolis Giza

Pyramid is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids at Giza necropolis. Built as a tomb for Fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, Khufu. Built for more than 20 years and is estimated to take place in the years around 2560 BC. The three smaller pyramids for Khufu's wives, and a pyramid of "satellites" are smaller, in the form of an elevated track, and mastaba tombs surrounding the pyramid is small nobles.

15. Acropolis of Athens – Athena

Acropolis is a rocky plateau as high as 156 m, and there are some ruins of ancient buildings that was once the temple who were the historical center of Athens. Was built 1,300 years BC. Acropolis is actually a small, scenic city, to destroy the Persian empire in 480 BC. A year later the Greek army defeated the Persians and rebuilt the temples. Between the years 467 to 404 BC, the building was completed. In 1834 Athens became the capital of Greece, King Otto set the Acropolis as a protected archaeological buildings. Acropolis restored in 1975.

16. Alhambra – di Granada, Spanyol

Is the name of a palace complex at the same time a magnificent castle of the sons ummayyah caliphate in Granada, southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when the fortress was founded), which covers the hills in the border city of Granada. The palace was built as a residence caliph and his superiors.

17. Christ The Redeemer

Or the Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) statue of Jesus Christ is the largest Art Deco architectural style and located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue has a height of 38 meters and is located at the top of Corcovado Mountain is 710 m high in the Tijuca Forest National Park, overlooking the city.


Most coolest and most unique instrument in the World

Since ancient times people try to create different types of vehicles or transportation equipment to facilitate movement from one place to another. Current needs of others helped inspire the existing means of transportation, here are 6 media personal transportation the most unique and innovative, even some of them seemingly impossible to get moving.

1. Powerisers

Price: $ 187

Poweriser is the dream of a super hero wannabe. This is a clever system of spring shoes, became a kind of bionic leg extension. This allows the wearer to run at super speed, jump over small trees, even a couple of feet in the air somersaults.

2. AquaSkipper

Price: $ 499

AquaSkipper is an innovative way to travel over water. Instead of traveling through the water in the boat or jet ski, Aquaskipper get the power of motion and two pairs of fins. Basically, this device is a form of wing in the water who runs a human-powered, driven dengann way of jumping right above the fins. The movement causes the fins to move to jump back and forth in waves, similar to the effects of dorsal fins of dolphins as they perform tricks while gliding on the water surface. Its speed can reach 17 mph.

3. Magic Wheel

Price: $ 149

Magic Wheel is a combination of skateboard, unicycle, and roller blade. Making it a lively and practical. The size of a briefcase and weighs no more than 14 kilograms. Thanks to a balanced design, it is not difficult to maneuver using the Magic Wheel as you imagine.

4. Personal hovercraft

Price: $ 500

How it works Hovercraft is the pressure of the air through an electric motor / gas. This creates a cushion of air at the bottom, which causes the hovercraft can float. Hovercraft can be steered in all fields, ranging from snow, asphalt, until the sand.

5. Trikke scooter

Price: $ 199

A Trikke Scooter basically works as a combination of scooter and skate. Trikke is driven by motorists who make the swinging motion from side to side, causing both rear wheels spin. This movement then led to some form of Newton's laws would apply, and this tool magically move forward. Trikke can be directed only by tilting your body and wheels will be heading where you want to go.

6. Velomobile

Price: $ 4,000

Velomobile is basically a three-wheeled bicycle (Velo means bicycle in French language) which has a protective body like a car, the outer layer protects the rider from harsh elements like rain, snow, and hail. Some recent models have also been designed with a storage area.

Shelving - Shelving World's Most Unique Books

Shelving - Shelving World's most unique Books

Almost in every house must have a shelf of books. Many shelves are also made ​​luxurious as furniture that can beautify a home decorating especially new housing. Usually the people who buy new homes want all the new furniture as well. For a longer build new homes, please see the shelves of books that are very unique and cool. Who knows could be applied in your home.

Wardrobe Comics

Wardrobe works Tangram consists of seven basic shapes such as triangles, squares, and so on. By combining the seven basic forms, you can get bookshelves are very creative to your taste.

Cupboard Map

Ron Arad's bookcase is a bookcase-shaped map of the United States, truly unique

Pacman cabinets

Still remember pacman games are very popular in the late 80s

Shaped Stairs Cupboard

This is the truth of the stairs and the ladder is the ladder that used to go to the bedroom. This is the work of the stairs cupboard Levitate domiciled in London, England.

Wardrobe Book Cave

Sakura Adachi's work, this bookcase is very unique because it provides a place like a cave as a place to read a book

Wardrobe Book Seat

Predication of a chair which can be occupied. Save space and spacious apartments suitable to its very limited.

Cupboard Cartoon Books

Vincent Thomas Leman's work is reminiscent of the objects in the cartoon movie Alice in Wonderland

Wardrobe Books Combined With Beds

The bed is made ​​in such a way that fits with a bookcase and is perfect for the apartment also has a limited area.

Wardrobe Book Coffin

Morbid's work is as humor, but how many people are willing to buy it? See it wrote scary.

Wardrobe Book Reversed

This book shelf is quite unique in that it reversed but his books can still be dependent. Even more interesting, the books that truth can be taken and dibalikin again as usual bookcase that is not inverted.

Wardrobe Book a teeter totter

Surely you've played a teeter totter at your childhood and thus the concept of the book shelves that have kept his balance.

Wardrobe Book Spiral

Seb Larua Przd a photographer. These cabinets will look like a photograph but is the truth bookcase.

Record 10 Natural Resources Indonesia

As citizens we should be proud that Indonesia Indonesia has many advantages when compared with other states. The following is a list of the record 10 held by this country.

1. State of the Republic of Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago consisting of 17,504 islands, including the 9634 islands that have not been given the names and 6,000 uninhabited islands.


2. Indonesia has the third largest of six islands in the world, namely the island of Borneo (the third largest island in the world wide with 539 460 km2), the island of Sumatra (473,606 km2) and Guinea (421 981 km2)

3. Indonesia is the largest maritime country in the world with waters covering an area of ​​93 thousand km2 and the length of the beach about 81 thousand km2, or almost 25% of the length of the beach in the world.

4. Indonesia is a country with the largest tribes in the world. There are more than 740 tribes / ethnic groups, where in Papua alone there were 270 tribes. Using 583 languages ​​and dialects of the 67 main languages ​​used by various tribes such.

Tribe Tribe Indonesia

5. Indonesia is a producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world (20% of world supply) is also the second largest tin producer.

6. Indonesia has a Coral Reef (Coral Reef) richest in the world (18% of world total) and has the largest shark species in the world (150 species).
Coral Reefs

7. Indonesia is ranked first in agricultural products, namely cloves (cloves) & nutmeg (nutmeg), and ranked second in natural rubber (Natural Rubber) and crude palm oil (Crude Palm Oil).

8. Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood (plywood), which is about 80% in world markets.

9. Indonesia has the world's largest orchid biodiversity which is about six thousand species of orchids, ranging from the largest (or Grammatophyllum speciosum Tiger Orchid) to the smallest (Taeniophyllum, which no leaves), including Black Orchid is a rare and found only in Papua.

10. Has the largest mangrove forest in the world. This plant is useful ntuk prevent erosion by the sea or coastal erosion
Mangrove forest

The record above is actually just a few of the many record-a record relating to natural resources owned by this nation. Including my previous post that is the Bird of Paradise is famous for its bird of paradise and only in Papua.

Know Canting

Canting is a tool that is used for batik painting with liquid filling kedalamya hot night and described it above the fabric.

Canting section consists of three parts namely:
Nyamplung: bin where the liquid night, made ​​of copper.
Beak: affiliated with nyamplung, is where the discharge pipe hot night while writing batik.
Handles: the handle canting, generally made of bamboo or wood.
Canting is used like a pen when you write normally, various sizes depending on the type of batik are about to be made. When used, batik Indonesia will take a "candle" the so-called "night" is in the frying pan into the "nyamplung". Then canting appointed and "beak" blown a little to lower the temperature. Candles are still in the liquid state is then etched through the "beak" to the batik cloth to form the painting upside down. The results from the canting wax nicks it will be free from actual batik colors so that part is free of wax will be colored if it has been through the coloring process.


Canting Reng

Are the first lath pattern created in batik. rengan battens can also be interpreted as the main framework. people who make ngerengreng called battens. canting lath usually used to create the initial pattern. batikan initial results desebut imitate the pattern-so. canting single bercucuk battens.

Isen Canting

Canting canting isen is used to fill the field of batik, and fill the main pattern (-so). canting isen usually small bercucuk either single or double.

Canting Block

Canting canting block is typically used for ngeblok or nembok. usually have a wide diameter cucuk night out so much and can accelerate the process block of the night.

Canting BY SIZE Cucuk

Large Cucuk Canting

Canting large beak beak tip diameter of about 0.8-1 mm large. canting is usually used for ngeblok.

Canting Cucuk Medium

Canting beak is a beak tip diameter of the amount of about 0.5-0.7 mm. canting is usually used to molani and Isen.

Small Cucuk Canting

Canting skecil beak beak tip has a diameter of the amount of about 0.4-0.2 mm. This is usually used for canting isen because of the small. but sometimes canting small beak is also used to create patterns on the type of batik, which has a high level of complexity.

Canting BY NUMBER Cucuk

Canting Cecekan

cecekan bercucuk canting one, usually has a small beak tip. canting is used to make cecek (dots). in addition to making cecek, canting is also used to make small lines.

Canting Loron

canting Loron from loro java language, which means two. This canting has two beak-shaped eyes lined up and down. canting is used to create duplicate lines. in some areas, canting Loron used to create the edge (at the end of the fabric pattern)

Canting Telon

Telon originated from Javanese language telu which means three. This canting has a composition form an equilateral triangle beak eyes. canting is usually used to make the Isen.

Canting Prapatan

If the analogy, Prapat - papat - four. Prapat also derived from the Javanese language. canting has four eyes beak that form a square. This is usually used as a canting isen.

Liman Canting

Liman to five, this canting bercucuk five. This canting has bentung square with one dot in the middle. also commonly used as Isen.

Canting Byok

Canting canting byok is having beak tip amounted to seven or more than seven. usually have a small circle of dots. canting byok usually have an odd number of beak.

Canting galaran / Canting Renteng

Galaran galar derived from the word which means a bed of bamboo that looks longitudinally. canting galaran beak tip usually has an even number, stretching from top to bottom. galaran canting canting the name commonly referred to jointly and severally.

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