Assam is one of the beautiful state with diverse culture, wide range of landscapes keeps grabbing tourists of all ages. It has incredible range of activities to keep the tourists entertained.

Kamakhya Temple is one of the Shakthi Temple located 8kms from the Guwahati railway station reflects the religious believes and cultural treats of Assam, one of the must place to visit. Similarly there are Navagraha Temple, Umananda Temple and Mahabhairav Temple and so on.

Its not just a religious land but has more of modern world pleasure too, Golfing is one among them one can opt for, there are several golf clubs in Assam most of them are attached to the tea garden with scenic beauty. Wildlife sanctuaries are in plenty in Assam it houses many species like Tiger, Single-Horned Rhino, Wild Buffalo etc. one can spend time effectively mingling with the nature. Kaziranga national park, Manas national park are some of them.

Assam is pretty famous for its wide range of Teas, estates offer tea tasting where one can sip variety of teas one can ever imagine, here tea ranges from 120/KG to 1000+/KG Its just another tea lovers land next to Darjeeling.

Unlike the hot n spicy food of India, north east provides you a total different taste or simply neutral food relieving your taste buds from the heat of spice. Restaurants like Delicacy, Paradise Khorika offers you traditional Assamese food. One can also try Naga food there in Assam, Naga Kitchen is one of them providing various delicacies of Naga food.

When it comes to shopping Assam is known for its wooden handicrafts, woolen cloths especially winter gears, and wide variety of Tea leaves are some of the best buys, it is well connected by Land and Air. Guwahati is the travelers hub, largest and center place for all.


Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Darjeeling is one of the best hill station in the Eastern part of India.  It is known for its finest tea, "Darjeeling tea" is world famous.  It houses Himalayan Railway one of the oldest railways in India.  Darjeeling provides variety of  adventure sports as well say trekking, rafting

No 1. "Thing to do in Darjeeling" is to travel in the Himalayan Railway, its a oldest and a narrow gauge steam railway still running in good condition as it was before. It makes its journey up and down the hills, in and out of tunnels and over the bridges in between the raw nature surrounded by scenery one can ever imagine.

No2. "Tiger Hill" is one the famous spot in Darjeeling where normally people visit to capture the sunrise early morning.  Darjeeling itself is very cool it is a great experience to walk on to the hill  early morning at around four, where the sun emerges out  right in middle of the hills and looks  like it has come out from the hill itself.  And to get the best view of this one should be really  lucky enough, where clouds from an obstacle between you and the view, the clouds are so thick, stands strong like a thick white wall. 

Our lodge was  on top of some hill out there in Darjeeling, and roughly around afternoon the windows were open and from no where the clouds entered the room and believe me it was zero visibility condition inside the room was an amazing thing experienced, so if you are  going there anytime try staying on the top and obviously the view out from the  room was exquisite and just no words to express it.  Himalaya is so close, the snow peaked mountains makes the view more delicate and definitive.   

When it comes to food its mostly non veg Chinese dishes are one you get there, like Momos, Chow Mein etc. One can get the dishes of other parts of India but not much recommended and costly too.  One has to try the Tea for which is Darjeeling famous for and there are many tea plantation found across and many estates welcomes you and let you taste their varieties in Tea is highly recommended.


Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Kempty falls is one of the most famous tourist spot in Mussoorie. It will always be crowded no matter any time in a day, its a perennial waterfall plunging from about 40 ft from the mountain and supposed to be the largest cascade among the five streams that flow from the mountain to the rocky plains.  This destination is incomplete unless you take a dip in the water.  The water is so cold throughout the year its just unimaginable,   one can guess the temperature of the water just by buying a cold drink from a petty shop in the vicinity of the falls, where the shopkeeper chills the soft drink not by refrigerating, instead keeping the whole tray of the drink immersed in the narrow stream of the water emerging out from the falls.  The first jump in to the water makes you breathless for couple of second its the serious chill what one can find here.  It will always be crowded at the bottom of the falls, but one can climb the rock say about 15 ft high and  its a second step upwards the fall, where very few of them make an attempt to go there and thats the place one can enjoy better.  Its truly a place to visit if you are in Mussoorie. 


Charmadi ghats, Karnataka

Charmadi ghat is one part of the western ghats located approximately 100kms from Mangalore,  its one  of the beautiful scenic drive through ghats section when on tour to Chikmagalore from Mangalore.  State highway covered with  lush green blanket all over,  50kms stretch of true calm n peaceful drive across heaven, each and every curves has got its unique attraction and it tempts so much to stop for snaps.  The creeks and streams enroute the climb makes it more refreshing.   After an hour of drive its on the top where one can find the peaks lined up and welcoming one to Malnad,  if you observe there is drastic change in climate as well, its dry and cool up there which you missed 30kms back, where it was hot and humid.  Its just an amazing place to go during rainy season, and winters are always cool.  Its also popular as a trekking spot, just another place to be one among nature.


Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar is a picturesque hilly resort resting on the lap of beautiful Western ghats, it lies at an altitude of 1372metres above sea level.  It offers panoramic views, sloppy peaks surrounded by woods, its also addressed as queen of hill stations in Maharashtra and summer capital as well.

The old records shows the suggestive influence of the foreign hands in the development of this beautiful hill station, at present place reflects the richness of the age old generation by its colonial mansion, palatial building and markets.  It is the base of five lovely rivers, flow around in mesmerizing creeks n streams.  Its charming peaks and rejuvenating climate makes every visitor feel like staying back there forever. Its just an amazing and a right place to spend your precious vacation. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Ellora caves, Maharashtra

The Ellora caves which is locally known as ‘Verul Leni’ located near Aurangabad road at distance of 30 km north of Aurangabad, which is the district headquarters. The name Ellora inspires everyone as it is one of the largest single rock cave temple. Ellora is also world famous for the largest single monolithic excavation in the world, the great Kailasa (Cave 16).

The visit to these caves is normally enjoyed during monsoon, when every stream filled with rainwater, and the entire environment is lush green. The monsoon is not only a season of rains in this part, the local visitors are attracted to visit these ideal locations to have a glimpse of the mother nature in full bloom. Its just an amazing world heritage site one has to find time to visit and explore each and every cornor of it.
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