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Northern lights

One can name Iceland as wonderland it has many natural wonders like geyser and to add on to it, Iceland has got something called as northern lights, these are the lights seen at the northern pole only, its the  dancing light normally seen  from April to September.  These lights appear during nights and normally in green and purple. One of the must see thing when in iceland


It is one of the biggest waterfall in Iceland dives 105 feet deep into the earth, looks like earth is drinking water in bulk these glacier melt water floods in wide are gushed deep which produces the spray of water and during summer one can find rainbow around it.

Glacier Trek

It is also one of the best things to in Iceland, during winters bunch of tourist get into the glacier of Iceland to trek, hike and other adventurous activities.  It is so amazing  to drive the snow mobile at that altitude and the nature around you is just bright white and this makes a whole new experience. 


Things to do in Iceland 1

Iceland is one of the spectacular travel destination, it is a volcanic island which had made name in 2010 for its volcanic ash cloud. Its picturesque cloudy landscape, greenery, friendly people and near freezing romantic climate keeps tourists intact.  

1.    Reykjavík is one of the popular tourist destination, capital and largest hip city of Iceland.  It offers variety of entertainment in Iceland. It contains friendly pubs, hippy clubs, the township bright in colors, beautiful old town made up of woods are stacked in rows and  Reykjavík is also one among the costliest town in the world, hence exploring Reykjavik falls under things to do list. 

2.    Although, Iceland is freezing through out, its famous tourist attraction is the Geysers(hot water springs) its is one of the natures wonder, the underwater gets heated up by natural  process and frequently the pressurized steam is being released on to the air deep form the ground and the water is around 60degrees hot and is rich with minerals.  Blue Lagoon is one of the famous geothermal pool of the country and attracts almost all the tourists on Iceland tour.  This place is always flooded with people and quite expensive, but all the above factors are overlooked by the place. It has a huge pool of hot spring,  heated sea water rich in minerals fed by the nearby geothermal source, in this milky blue spa you can find people with white mud on their face, it believed that this mud has some facial rejuvenation property, clouds of steam floating over the pool is a picture perfect example for paradise.


Key West Islands, Florida

 Key West, Florida is one the famous tourist hot spot especially a key spot for island destinations. Key West still lies the same as before, hasn't changed much well maintained with its multiple culture namely Cuban, African, Caribbean and raw beauty. Southern most tip of US lies there in Key West.  There are so many things to do and see in Key West,  city has the blend of multiple architecture contributed by multiple cultures it is really good to look at these and one must spend time on exploring these.

The best time explore city is early morning.  Once the sun has risen it is time to soak wet in sea,  Key West is situated in between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico it offers great opportunity for watersports.  The shallow water out there makes the place totally different, one can even walk few hundred meters into the sea.  One can never miss the Duval Street at Mallory Square where people gather to celebrate the sunset, one can find people performing the cat tricks, playing music, photography, painting a hub to explore different talents. Duval street is also famous for shopping and  has many pubs and bars to hang out, Key West also has many world class waterfront bars, best place to spend peaceful time of your life.  Its also provides fine dining, its has super fresh sea foods, plenty of hotels to try out, the most famous and must try sea food in Key West is Conch meat it is available in most of the restaurants.  Key West is one among  the perfect island destination in the world.


Chinese New year in Singapore

Singapore is the smallest country off the Malay peninsula, it is worlds forth financial leading and cosmopolitan city. It grabs tourists from all the corners of the far world. It has diverse population mainly made up off Asians, Australians many more. Singapore is one among the worlds most cleanest place and tourist friendly place in world. It has variety of entertainment packed within such a small piece of land. Lots of festivals is being celebrated there and Chinese New Year is one among them.
 Singapore is one of best place to celebrate Chinese New Year its is celebrated with fun and festivities, cymbals clashing and lions dancing, the island ushers in the new year under the relevant Chinese zodiac sign. One can get traditional new year cookies, letters, red paper baskets, souvenirs etc. You can give letter, red envelopes to others but don't forget to slip few dollar notes before gifting it to others. People will be filled in streets whole night every where its a festive mood, colorful lights, banners, there will be parades with both combination of traditional and modern way celebration, fire crackers are also the major attraction one can never miss.

New year, its the best time to feed yourself with variety of gourmet food, restaurants are open till late night, one can see the lit up Chinatown during Jan to March from 7pm till late night the best places to capture this are South Bridge Road, New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street, Garden Bridge and side-streets of Chinatown MRT stn. This is also the best time for shopping there are 100s of  stalls along Smith Street, Pagoda Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street. Totally this is the best time for tourists to hop into Singapore and can get the best experience of the perfect travel filed with joy and fun to the fullest extent.


Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh is one of the undisputed beauty of North India. When you are in Kashmir, a trip to Ladakh is a must.  It attracts millions  of tourist from all over the world especially the adventure junkies. It is a mixture of tall peaks,  steep valleys and is located 9800ft above sea level.  This snow-clad desert rejuvenates the tourist by its mesmerizing beauty the place here consists of multiple terrains, you get to see different terrains on every move of yours, weather here is totally unpredictable, its very cold and some tourists may suffer from altitude sickness and the only way to get rid of this is to drive back to your safe zone. It is one of the best place for camping and the dream destination for the mountaineers and amateur climbers. One can find several base camps on the foot of Ladakh range and also in the Nubra valley. There are plenty of options for trekking,  it can last from 2days trek to 10 days covering many places namely Indus valley, Markha valley, Shayok valley etc.  Apart from adventure thrills, it is also a place which has its own cultural heritage, every year native people celebrates variety of fairs and monastic festivals, where one get to see the rich culture, people with colorful dresses sing and dance. Normally these festivals are celebrated during winters also called winter festivals. 

Pangong lake is one of the attraction in Ladakh it is around 4000mts high surrounded by the mountain peaks and the reflection of those peaks on the lake is breathe-taking. It was once a restricted area but now its open for exploration, one should never miss this visit. Ladakh has that raw beauty of unexplored environment moreover the real beauty of exploring Ladakh depends on how you do it, road-trips to Ladakh on your 300cc cruiser bikes can get you the joy more then any other medium.  The  fun of riding bikes on such a high altitude with cold freezing winds hitting your face and the unusual roads, passing the creeks and rocky paths can never be explained with words.  Its all about experiencing  if you do not own a bike, one can hire bikes from Manali and some do get it from Delhi too, nevertheless this is the best and truly recommended  way through which one can explore Ladakh.


Things To do in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one of the largest and capital city of Ireland. It is very rich in Irish culture and a beautiful place to visit atleast once in a life time, it has one of the best climate, mild winters and cool summers which is an ideal condition expected by most of the tourists. It has deep rooted history, strong forts & castles prove it. When question arises what are the "Things To be done in Dublin", the list goes very long.

Dublin Castle is a proof for cruel, misrule by English 700 years ago in Ireland, Old walls of Dublin, State apartments, treasury are the main attractions. Temple bar is one of the Dublin's cultural center which is located in the heart of the Dublin city center where it is popular for the best night life, restaurants, and some unusual shops. Trinity College is one of the place to learn more about Irish cultural, one can gain the knowledge at his best there are plenty of books in the library and is open to all and especially recommended for cultural enthusiast. Guinness Storehouse is of the best place in Guinness factory complex its an amazing visitor center tells us about the history of Guinness and many more exciting things in that center and a must visit place in Dublin. Dublin is also famous for shopping it has many center where one can find the merchandise related to fashion, clothing, footwear, souvenirs etc, Grafton Street, Wicklow Street, Dawson Street and Henry Street are some of famous. It houses some of the best entertainment hubs, pubs, nightclubs and theaters are at its best. There are plenty of places in and around Dublin which are ideal for day trips, Dublin's seaside suburbs are also one among the popular attraction, one can also drive beyond to experience the real Irish treasure that is the Irish countryside, more of fields and has its own essence of raw nature.



Munnar is one among the ideal hill stations of Kerala, located amidst the sylvan surrounds of the Kannan Devan hills, it stands high at an altitude of 1524mts. Munnar houses beautiful resorts, peaceful localities with the cloud kissed mountains, tempting valleys covered with the carpet of tea plantations earns credits as one of the best tourist destinations in South India.  Exploring the tea gardens falls no1 in the Things to do list. Anyone up there get dumbfounded by the beauty of nature traveling towards Munnar.  The streets covered with the eucalyptus trees is where one get lost in woods, and the air marks its presence with the hypnotic smell and the vegetation covered with moss make the scene more definitive. There are about 30 tea estates in and around Munnar, different varieties of teas, one can even sample different flavors of local brews, and check out how fresh tea leaves transform to beverage. Apart from exploring tea plantations there are so many places to visit; say at the distance of 13 kms there is a picturesque Mattupetty Lake and Dam, collection of waterfalls commands unmatched beauty of Munnar.  This place is a hot spot amongst tourists for picnicking, boating, and exploring the natural beauty of Munnar landscape.  The Shola forests in Mattupetty shelters different varieties of birds and thus provides amazing opportunities for bird watching and trekking as well.  Spending your time in the World class resorts is another way to earn peace of mind in a luxurious way, it is very relaxing though a bit heavy on your wallets. There are budget hotels for budget travelers too, Hence Munnar visit is a perfect place for hill station lovers with various budget ranges and this visit is the ultimate destination to meet the beauty of woods, greenery and the tranquility.


Srirangapatna, Karnataka

Srirangapatna is one of the historic town located in Mandya District of Karnataka, the town is kind of surrounded by river Kaveri and thus gives it a look of an island. It is historically strong rooted, culturally rich and has great religious importance.  It was named after Ranganatha Swamy Temple one of the prominent Vaishnavaite Temple in South India and this temple was built by the famous ruler of the Ganga Dynasty.  Srirangapatna was the capital of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. Late in 18th century the Marathas assaulted Srirangapatna and demanded hefty payments. Hyder Ali fought back Marathas and victoriously regained the Kingdom. But later in  1799 Tipu Sultana faced a furious combat against the British and fell down courageously supporting this place. The fort is still standing straight in Srirangapatna which has four entrances and is dual protection architecture, has a Indo-Islamic architecture.  There is a place where Tipu Sultan and his soldiers last gave up their life and is kept open for public.  Srirangapatna is well connected to Bengaluru and Mysore, buses run frequently. One of the best place to visit around Mysore.


Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Kasauli, a small and scenic town in Himachal Pradesh, It grabs the visitors with its old world charm. Its is a small cantonment town in Solan district, it was established as a hill station by the British, as a refreshing point for them. Decades have passed since India got independence, the influence of the British era can be noticed very rich in Kasauli till date.  Apart from its breath taking beauty, it also offers the visitors activities like trekking, nature walks, paragliding and camping which keep the travelers excited.  Hills stations on the lap of Himalayas are known for its scenic beauty and you can capture most of them enroute trekking from Jabli to Kasauli,  Nature walk also supports the "things to do" list, it is so beautiful to explore the old world, raw beauty of the town get you more, for instance the post box, public taps of British era though it is not under working condition it is nice to look at.  Dhasghai is one the place which is at 12kms from Kasauli offers paragliding to travelers one of the awaited adventure sport by all. Finally at the end of the day spending the freezing night on the lap of the nature is one of the best thing to do and camping is allowed many places around Kasauli.  Do visit Kasauli and get yourself rejuvenated by the essence of pure nature.


Yasawa Islands, Fiji

The Yasawa Islands is a chain of 16 gorgeous sun drenched and rather barren volcanic islands with a scattering of smaller islands within its lagoons. The islands are renowned for their gorgeous beaches, tranquil lagoons, backpacker resorts and a handful of exclusive resorts and luxury overnight cruises. This is Fiji's tourism at its best - but its popularity in recent years has seen a gradual shift from a backpackers undiscovered paradise to a commercial well trodden tourist route with inflated prices. Nevertheless, the stunning coastal beauty remains and there are enough small hideaways to keep crowds to a minimum. Its beauty lies in its wilderness and known as a honey moon paradise as well. Its has got the crystal clear water to certain extent and it even has corals in great numbers and one of the best place to explore underwater and part time fishing since its close by fishing village. There are resorts with mere hospitality. The excitement  begins very early before getting down your cruise.  Great place to hop in and have a peaceful time on fine sands.

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Kumaraparvatha, Karnataka

Kumaraparvatha is the belongs to the western Ghat mountains range and is very close to the famous pilgrimage center Shri Kukke Subrahmanya Kshetra in South Canara District of Karnataka. About 4000 feet above sea level, it lies to the east of the temple. It will be a 18 Kilometer Journey (trekking/hiking) from the temple to the mountain peak. This is an ideal place for people who are interested in exploring and trekking. But as of now, there are no facilities or amenities to get there, nor can the climbers/hikers find any place to stay on the way. Moreover the hikers will have to take with them food that will suffice for their entire journey and they will have to get the help of the guides (difficult to find) who are thoroughly conversant with the place. At a distance of 12 Km from the temple one comes across a place called 'Girimutt'. Remnants of the houses and farms, which date back to more than five hundred years, can still be found there. It is said that a 'Jangama Mutt' (Lingayat) existed in this place in the past. A Mantapa of stone sixteen feet in length and eight feet in breadth is found here even now. This is supported in four corners by four pillars with engravings and is roofed with slabs of stone. This gives us the impression that even this mountainous region must have been thickly populated in the past and that gifted sculptors must have thrived here in those bygone days. From this place onwards the trekking path becomes very steep and rises almost like a vertical wall. The view from the top of this mountain is extremely beautiful. The forests with their myriad trees and the agriculture fields of South canara smiling with splendor of tender crop in the west, the estates of Coorg in the south east, the plains of Mysore clad in green in the north-east and Western Ghats standing up right like the soldiers on guard provide a feast for the sore eyes.
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